Key Properties To Look For In Concrete Floor Paint

Key Properties To Look For In Concrete Floor Paint

Tired of unsightly dusty concrete floors? Painting a concrete floor is the easiest and the most cost-effective way to give it a fresh and new look. Selecting a proper concrete floor paint can make a...Read More
August Shutdown

Stock Up For Your August Shutdown

August is a quiet time for many businesses with employees on holiday or looking after children – so much so that a lot of companies shutdown for the month. (more…)Read More

Floor Paint Vs Wall Paint: Analysing The Main Differences

Whilst all types of paints constitute similar basic elements (pigment, solvent, additives and resin) understanding their makeup is crucial to not only their practical application but their safe use. Floor paints and wall paints are...Read More

New Website Coming Soon…

We are currently putting the finishing touches to a brand-new website for TA Industrial Paints. All the features of the old site will be present but with a new improved format, better compatibility with mobile...Read More

How To Paint A Garage Floor Effectively

When you’re looking to paint your garage floor, finding out how to do so effectively can be incredibly difficult. There are so many different types of floor paint and, if you’re not careful, you could...Read More

Where To Buy Floor Paint

Whether you need 1 litre or 10,000 litres of paint it is important to get the best value for money. However, when it comes to buying floor paint, it can be difficult to know where...Read More

Paint Manufacturing

At TA Industrial Paints, our products are designed and made at our paint manufacturing facility in Wolverhampton. Our extensive facility includes a modern production line, research & development facilities and a temperature -controlled warehouse, where...Read More

How to Apply Epoxy Floor Paint?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably in possession of some epoxy floor paint. You probably aren’t sure how to apply it, either. This is perfectly okay because this article will give you a basic rundown...Read More

How Much Floor Paint Do I Need?

When painting your business premises, it can be difficult to tell how much floor paint you really need to do the job correctly. It can vary based on a whole lot of factors, so it...Read More

Getting Smart With Floor Paint For Wood Stairs

Painting your wood stairs can be alarmingly tricky if you are not prepared. Finding the right floor paint for your wood stairs can be such an ordeal that many people may give up, and just...Read More