How To Get The Perfect Floor Finish On Concrete

How To Get The Perfect Floor Finish On Concrete

Concrete is a highly durable material which can endure heavy exploitation, rapid temperature changes, chemical spills, and more. That’s why it’s frequently used in industrial settings. The downside of concrete is its unsightly appearance. (more…)Read More

Which Concrete Garage Floor Paint Is Best?

Painting a concrete garage floor is the key to its aesthetic appeal, longevity, and durability. Whether you are planning to paint the floor for the first time or thinking about a touch-up, you are faced...Read More

9 Garage Floor Painting Tips

Many people believe they should leave garage floor painting up to the professionals. However, it’s a simple process, which can even be fun; as long as you take the right approach, of course. Painting a...Read More

5 Factory Floor Painting Tips

Factory floors are usually subject to substantial use. Equipment, heavy objects, fluid spills, and formidable traffic dictate the need for high quality coating. In order to protect the factory floor, it’s important to choose the...Read More
Key Properties To Look For In Concrete Floor Paint

Key Properties To Look For In Concrete Floor Paint

Tired of unsightly dusty concrete floors? Painting a concrete floor is the easiest and the most cost-effective way to give it a fresh and new look. Selecting a proper concrete floor paint can make a...Read More
August Shutdown

Stock Up For Your August Shutdown

August is a quiet time for many businesses with employees on holiday or looking after children – so much so that a lot of companies shutdown for the month. (more…)Read More

Floor Paint Vs Wall Paint: Analysing The Main Differences

Whilst all types of paints constitute similar basic elements (pigment, solvent, additives and resin) understanding their makeup is crucial to not only their practical application but their safe use. Floor paints and wall paints are...Read More

New Website Coming Soon…

We are currently putting the finishing touches to a brand-new website for TA Industrial Paints. All the features of the old site will be present but with a new improved format, better compatibility with mobile...Read More